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"I tried to cope alone for too long, I needed someone to talk to who wouldn't judge me or tell me what I should do...even after one session I began to feel a huge weight had been lifted"



My name is Lynsey McMillan thank you for visiting my counselling website. I offer counselling in Montrose, a town in the north east of Scotland or if you are not able to come to me I can meet you via telephone or Skype. 


Maybe you have discovered my page because you are at a stage where something in your life needs to change but you're not sure what - or how.   Perhaps your current ways of coping are not enough and you feel you would like the support of a professional and caring person who is outside of your social circle and trained to listen and respond in a non-judgemental way. Maybe you have decisions to make or questions you keep asking yourself and you would like to speak to someone who can offer a safe, confidential space and help you to generate new solutions to the issues you are facing. I hope my website will help you to begin to decide whether counselling could be right for you. 

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